Dear PilzWald Visitor,                                        October 17, 2019

For over a year now I have kept my original elaborate web site off-line because it was maliciously hacked three times and I did not want to put you at risk. Also, the time, effort, aggravation and expense of maintaining a secure website were beyond what I wished to invest.

I am now revising my web site to provide some information, but to keep it simpler and less susceptible to hacking. 

Until the web site revision is completed, I have a PDF that gives you more information about the products that I have for sale.

To access this information please copy and paste this URL into your browser:

You also may correspond with me at: 

contact at sign pilzwald period com   

If you are interested in a list of my publications, or copies of any of them, simply ask.

“PilzWald – Forestry Applications of Mycology” remains my sole proprietorship business and I am available for consulting work if the project interests me.



David Pilz