Welcome to PilzWald

PilzWald is an enterprise through which I am available for presentations, writing or consulting work. My specialty is the sustainable harvest of wild forest mushrooms.

You may contact me by email at: contact <at sign> pilzwald <period> com

Here is a list of selected publications that I have authored. Some can be downloaded. For the others, contact me at the above address and I will send you a copy.

I also have several mushroom related items FOR SALE. They include:

The Bog Maiden is my first mushroom fiction novel.

I also commissioned artwork entitled: Cornucopiae Fungorum Boreo-Occidens Pacificus (Horns of Fungal Plenty in the Pacific Northwest).

With that art, I produced MycoBandannas and Colored Prints suitable for framing.

See you in the woods!

Mycologically yours,

David Pilz