Dear PilzWald Visitor,                                        September 16, 2018



I have decided to take my website offline permanently because it has now

been maliciously hacked three times and I do not want to put you at risk.


The time, effort, aggravation and expense of maintaining a secure website

are beyond what I wish to invest.


Henceforth, you can correspond with me at:

contact at sign pilzwald period com  


If you are interested in a list of my publications, or copies of any of them,

simply ask.


“PilzWald – Forestry Applications of Mycology” remains my sole

proprietorship business and I am available for consulting work if the project

interests me.


Printed copies of my novel, The Bog Maiden, are available through



Ebook versions of The Bog Maiden, are available through Smashwords,

Kindle, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.


I hope to market my MycoBandanna and the colored prints of the bandanna

artwork through Etsy or some similar distributor. Check back here to see

which distributor(s) I select.


Or you may contact me directly to purchase these items.







David Pilz