Cornucopiae Fungorum Boreo-Occidens Pacificus

(Horns of Fungal Plenty in the Pacific Northwest)

Cornucopea Fungorum Colored

The text of the design is in Latin, in keeping with the species names.

The multi-hued spore print in the center sprouts into the four Horns of Fungal Plenty. The labels on each horn loosely translate as:

Esculienti et Gustati — (Edible and Culinary)
Formosi et Mirabiles — (Beautiful and Wonderful
Tinctorii et Ornamentales — (Dyeing and Art)
Medici et Enthei — (Medicinal and Spiritual)

Representative Pacific Northwest mushrooms, conks and truffles are illustrated emerging from each horn and are labeled in the corners.

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