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Let’s discuss your ideas.

In general, I am willing to consider any consulting work in any area of my expertise. Please refer to my About and  Publications  pages for more details regarding my background and interests.

Below is a list of the types of contractual work I have done and examples of my products. However, please do not feel constrained by these categories. I like being surprised by novel project proposals.*

My baseline rate is $50/hr or $400/day plus expenses while traveling, but everything is negotiable. Much depends on the time that I have available and my interest in the project. I am willing to travel throughout the US and to most countries.

I look forward to learning about your proposal.

*Please be advised, I am not a fungal taxonomist. If your project involves mushroom identification, I would gladly refer you to other specialists.

Dave Pilz talking to field trip participants
Young Stand Thinning and Diversity Study Field Trip



I have presented more than 50 unique PowerPoint presentations to more than 100 audiences worldwide. As a speaker, I generally ask for an honorarium and to be compensated for, or provided with, travel, meals and lodging. Here is a (low resolution) PDF copy of a PowerPoint presentation I gave to the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz in 2012 about Wild Mushroom Management in Spain.



Engage me for a guided mushroom walk or interpretive field trip to the site of your choice. Or join me on   mushroom walks   I lead annually at the   Yachats Mushroom Festival.



I am an author of science, popular science, and fiction publications. Many of my science publications were intended for diverse audiences, such as scientists, forest managers, and the general public. I also have experience helping other scientists, who are not native English speakers, prepare their manuscripts in grammatically correct English for submission to journals. Contact me to negotiate services.




This is my final report from a project in the Russian Far East to evaluate the sustainability of harvesting the medicinal fungus Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) from infected birch trees.



In 2007, I had the privilege of participating in the development of a “white paper” that explained the potential of the nascent truffle industry in Oregon and provided information about how to promote it.



Experience with many mushroom research projects allows me to recommend concise and targeted methods for achieving study goals in real world forest settings. One article on the topic is available for free download. A more comprehensive book chapter (7) is  available for sale from the publisher. Or feel free to contact me for individual hard copies.



All my major research projects have involved extensive collaborations among numerous stakeholders and often volunteers. Lessons from these experiences are detailed in a publication funded by the National Commission on Science for Sustainable Forestry.