Cover Art and Illustrations by Paula Fong


The Bog Maiden

A supernatural romance served with a layered and aged mushrooms-of-immortality sauce.

An ancient shaman, aghast that his last chance for renewed life has just slipped away, curses the thwarted lovers who have foolishly eaten his last mushrooms of immortality. Millenia later, among the boggy dunes of the Southern Oregon Coast, Johnny Wander’s vision quest leads to mind-blowing encounters in the eerie grove on the edge of the haunted bog. Meanwhile, farmer Ole Gorseman baffles fellow cranberry growers with his change of heart, the Confederated Tribes of the Sand Coast struggle to build a casino, the Conservancy’s Grace Flores fights to protect a globally endangered ecosystem, Sheriff Ray spars with Berry Queen-turned-novice-reporter Maybelle Tattleton and tribal elder Mary Duneflower Jackson quietly schemes to reunite lovers kept apart for far too long. It’s all enough to keep Bugsy Sopp’s eye twinkling with bemusement!

About this novel and future ones.

Spore: We brainstormed the core ideas, key characters and basic plot of this novel while sharing good wine around a campfire on the southern Oregon coast in May of 2001.

Sporocarps: Subsequent novels are already in various stages of research. The next one takes place in the US Heartland and third on the south shore of the Baltic Sea. Of course each will have fungi as a key plot element.

Mycelia: The world is full of possibilities for mushroom fiction novels delving into the ancient relations between people and forest fungi! Who knows how many I will get around to writing.

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