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Cornucopiae Fungorum Boreo-Occidens Pacificus

“Horns of Fungal Plenty in the Pacific Northwest”

Dedicated to Mycologists and Mushroomers Everywhere!


This MycoBandanna honors the great American Bandanna tradition so beautifully illustrated in this seminal book on the topic: Weiss, Hillary. 1990. The American bandanna: culture on cloth from George Washington to Elvis. Chronicle Books. San Francisco, CA. 119 p.

What else makes the MycoBandanna special?

  • The artwork.
  • Its large size (26″ x 26″) makes it truly multifunctional
  • Made with organically-grown cotton from Sew Ecological in Eugene, Oregon.
  • The fabric (a 5.6 oz/square yard chambray muslin) is somewhat heavier than cloth typically used in handkerchiefs. It should remain decorative and functional for many years.
  • This fabric is a neutral beige color, rather than the naturally-hued fabrics of the original bandanna. Both the Burgundy Red and Forest Green prints are printed on the same cloth.
  • Hand-hemmed by Kamonchanok Huddleston/ Professional Clothing Alterations  in Corvallis, Oregon.
  • Printed with water-based inks, not plastisols. (To prolong color retention, wash only with soap.)
  • Large format screen printing, wrangled and hand-pulled by Brady Chambers of No Dinx printers in Albany, Oregon.
  • Because these bandannas are produced by hand, rather than machines, there is minor variation in fabric, size, hemming, ink colors, and screen-printing. Your cloth is unique, not mass-produced.


I am currently selling a limited edition of these Mycobandannas. I commissioned 300 for this production run; 200 in Forest Green ink and 100 in Burgundy Red. No more will be available before the winter holidays, so order early.  

I am selling the MycoBandannas for $30 each, which includes handling and shipping within the United States. 

Sorry No International Sales through PayPal. Contact me directly for shipping costs and arrangements.


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