Cornucopea Fungorum Artwork Enlarged

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Colored MycoBandanna Artwork

Suitable for framing.

Years after I commissioned the line drawing for the MycoBandannas, the artist, Jane Herbst, was kind enough to revisit the project and color her art.

I think you will find it makes a lovely and interesting decorative wall hanging whether you frame it or not.

If you want to see who is paying attention, you can rotate the illustration in any of the four orientations.

SP & B Reprographics prints a brilliant image, that will long resist cracking or fading, onto a durable and flexible white polyester sheet. The 18″ square image has a one inch margin on all sides (20″ x 20″ final size) which provides a border for framing.

I am selling the prints for $30 each, which includes handling and shipping within the United States.

Sorry No International Sales through PayPal. Contact me directly for shipping costs and arrangements.


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