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Mushroom fiction novels, a bandanna for mushroom lovers, and artwork for framing

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The Bog Maiden

By David Pilz and George McAdams

The Bog Maiden is my first in a planned series of mushroom fiction novels. This genre-challenged story might best be labelled a “supernatural romance,” but don’t expect conflicted vampires and boorish werewolves.

Looking for that preternatural tale to exercise your imagination?

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The New MycoBandanna

Need something to hold those puffballs picked on the cowpoke trail?

These oversized, beautifully-illustrated, custom-made bandannas are stylish apparel and a useful cloth wherever a mushroom lover roams.

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Colored "Cornucopiae Fungorum Boreo-Occidens Pacificus" Artwork for Framing

Cornucopiae Fungorum Boreo-Occidens Pacificus

Fine art celebrating Pacific Northwest fungi

The line drawing for the MycoBandanna project was rendered by the artist into glorious color. These prints are suitable for framing.

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