Black and white line drawing artwork used for printing the MycoBandannas

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About the First MycoBandanna

Trail: In 2001, I produced the first MycoBandanna as a personal art project. A friend, Dr. Cloud, inspired the project with his “Friends of the Sedgwick Ranch” bandanna. My first production run of 300 MycoBandannas was all I could afford, and although I sold some of them, many were simply gifts. You can view a screenshot of my original MycoBandanna page here.

Circling back on the trail: Back by popular demand, a second production run of the MycoBandanna is now available for sale.  I am also selling a printed color version of the artwork that is suitable for framing. Check them out at the links below.

The New MycoBandanna©

Cornucopiae Fungorum Boreo-Occidens Pacificus (Colored Artwork Print)

Never the same trail: As 15 years have passed, the second bandanna will not be exactly like the original. Fabric supplier, seamstress and printer all changed. I have, however, retained key characteristics such as  large size, the same print colors, non-dyed organic cotton, hand-hemming and ink screen-printing. 

Happy Trails henceforth:  If the second production run sells out, I will be inclined to produce even more bandannas. Time will tell, as my view of that trail fades over the next ridge. Maybe crowd funding could spur me on.


Color Schemes of the Original MycoBandanna.

A corner of the original MycoBandanna showing Pecan-colored cloth printed with Burgundy-colored ink
Pecan cloth / Burgundy ink
A corner of the original MycoBandanna showing Cactus-colored cloth printed with Spruce-colored ink
Cactus cloth / Spruce ink